Rad System Asia E&D, has provided control panel contracts to major Oil&Gas, mining as well as other industrial and government customers. Our 2 years of experience designing and installing high-level custom control panel projects, combined with ...


Rad System Asia E&D is a Professional company in ESD market that deliver below excellent and superior benefit to clients: Providing solutions that are backed up by expert team. Product independent industrial Emergency Shutdown (ESD) solutions. ...


Wide range of fire and gas products in basket of Rad System Asia E&D, create a opportunity for offering F&G solutions based on client’s requirements. Rad System Asia E&D provides detectors from the famous and well-known brands, e.g. Honeywell, …


Our businesses in instrument have a common goal: to deliver innovative designs, services and solutions that advance industries and enrich lives. Running a process operation means constant pressure to cut costs, increase output, reduce energy use and emissions, and improve safety—all while managing increasingly complex operations. …


Pressure transmitters translate low-level electrical outputs from pressure sensing devices to higher-level signals that are suitable for transmission and processing ...


We are able to offer a variety range of RTD and Thermocouples. The data sheets in this catalogue cover in detail a variety of RTD and Thermocouples like ...


This intelligent buoyancy transmitter continuously measures and transmits level, interface or density of liquid by sensing changes in buoyancy force exerted on a fixed displacer...


PThe vortex flowmeter is used for measuring the flow velocity of gases and liquids in pipelines flowing full. The measuring principle is based on the development of a ...


We are capable of supplying various control valves and accessories such as:
Diaphragm & Pinch
Knife Gate
Safety Valve


Rad System Asia E&D provides engineering services for power plant, oil and gas, water & sewage design, implementation and upgrading. We have extensive experience in a variety of systems while providing expertise in control systems and Instrumentation.

  • Design /specification: Our detailed design packages include design specifications, drawings, procedures, requirements, quality assurance requirements, and equipment and material requirements.
  • Control systems: Design and implementation of control systems for automation, plant monitoring and special equipment synchronization
  • Instrumentation engineering: We provides expertise in all areas of Instrumentation engineering relating to the business domains and scope of works.
  • Project management: We will develop a realistic comprehensive plan and provide the leadership to implement the project within budget to a viable schedule.

We are equipped with the right tools and technical engineers to handle instrument & control projects of all sizes. We provide high quality construction at competitive prices and can tailor our services to meet your specifications.

Our commissioning & start-up Services are performed by degreed and factory-trained technicians and engineers. Prime Controls maintains a professional growth program which encourages our people to continually enhance their technical skills via ISA certification, factory training and continued education. All work is performed and documented via our in-house “QA/QC” process which incorporates industry-accepted ISA standards (calibration, loop check, system commissioning, etc). Your specific requirements are incorporated as needed.

Our technical support engineers are standing by 24/7 to answer various requests from customers. Rad System Asia E&D also offers a variety of services that enables quick and effective restoration of your system.Engineer Dispatch Service On-site troubleshooting support from a Customer Service Engineer Bench Repair Service Defective modules can be send to Rad System Asia E&D for repairs. The user instructs Rad System Asia E&D on whether to repair or replace the item. Parts Management Rad System Asia E&D will stock and manage a list of critical spare parts of different control system agreed to beforehand which will be made available to the customer. Maintenance and Operation of process sites

As a leading provider for turnkey projects, our services include instrumentation and controls systems integration services, on projects ranging from minor upgrades to total plant instrumentation and control renovation. Our renovated instruments reproduce quality standards specified by the manufacturers, utilizing original parts combined with our highly specialized services. – Control system upgrading – Instrumentation and control system upgrade

Rad System Asia R&D’s training service serves to motivate employees of customer organizations to upgrade their skills and thereby maximize the utilization of system assets. We provide a variety of training curriculum for ABB, Yokogawa, Siemens & HIMA products covering topics ranging from the fundamental aspects and applications of measurement and control technologies to IT and maintenance training. We are committed to providing our customers the support they need with strategic human resources training and development programs.

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